Construction The Next Market!

Construction The Next Market!

2019 will be all about the construction industry and the increase in the technology is proving the same. According to a research, the market value of Construction industry in 2018 was $1.05Bn and is predicted to increase exponentially all the way upto $10trn by 2020.

What’s the next move then?

The increase in technology is being seen across all the industries however construction arena has been witnessing slower growth owing to lot of constrains involved. But,with rapid growth one can surely say the new year will be the year of construction industry which will work on improvisation and advancement in the usage of technology. Following are the top technologies which will help you understand where the industry is going towards:

  1. Modular construction: Delay in project, lack of safety, weather condition, time for completion and many more complaints. However, the modular technology can be deemed as an answer for them all. In this case, the construction is done offsite as modules and transported to the site and assembled accordingly to build the house.
  • This would help to reduce the time of completion by 50%-65%
  • The workers are much safer working indoor
  • The labour force require is minimal
  • The materials can be re used and dis mantled when required
  • It would be much cost effective than the traditional construction method

In total the modular technology is a safer, smarter and affordable bet for better results

  1. Self-Healing Concrete: The research of more than 15 years has become fruitful today, it’s a great way to have a longer life for the concrete. The scientists have invented an ingredient which will be mixed with concrete before being used this will help to heal the cracks which we get due to the tensile force. The process is carried out in such a way wherein when the concrete gets in touch with water or oxygen it will heal the crack by itself without any external ingredients and the usage of these will increase by 2020 and this would be widely used across the construction industry


  1. Drone technology: The drone technology is being effectively used across the industry vertical and can be deemed as the future of construction industry. According to experts, the prediction states that 39% of the usage will be from the construction industry in 2020. The technology is helping to operate in a much simpler way than ever thought before. You would not prefer to climb a 40 stored building to understand the status of the construction when the drone can do it for you. Armed with high resolution camera, this innovative technology is helping to get the result at our finger tips.


  1. Augmented Reality: Why would not some one look into the end result first before investing. That’s how the AR will take construction arena into, the minor changes and the miss match in any construction can be rectified before proceeding with the actual construction work rather than spending huge amount of money and wasting time to correct them. The completion of project time will reduce by 60% if we are able to know the end result.

The better the technology the better the result and construction industry is all ready for the new technology trends. There are many more technologies like Robotics ,BIM, Cloud technology and many more which will get the construction to the next level.