Transforming Construction Arena with VR

Erik de Keyser
Erik de Keyser, CEO


“The software is capable of most contemporary AutoCAD release functions. BricsCAD is currently localized in 18 language versions.”

Bricsys, a Hexagon company, has combined the Enscape real-time architectural renderer into BricsCAD BIM V20 to accouche world-class visualization capabilities. This synthesis lets BricsCAD BIM users create interactive, photo-realistic renderings of their BIM representations in real-time, and explore these patterns in virtual reality (VR). “With Enscape, high-quality real-time rendering is blended into the BIM design workflow. It does not require special abilities to use, and it leverages existing BIM data to present a one-click user experience. The integration of Enscape will save architects, planners, and engineers time during design reviews and help them to build compelling client presentations,” says Tiemen Strobbe, BIM Product Owner at Bricsys.

To help you explore different design choices, the Enscape for BricsCAD BIM integration lets users visualize their BricsCAD BIM projects at any point of the design process. Any modifications made in BricsCAD BIM are instantly visible in Enscape, even in VR. With the opportunity to create renderings, videos, and prospects of your project, you can directly share the output files with your customers and walk them through your designs in real-time.

BricsCAD BIM is a Building Information Modeling conformity that is based on the .dwg file format. Its nucleus database schema leverages the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), and is accredited by BuildingSMART International as submissive with openBIM ‘CV2.0-Arch IFC Export and Import’. BricsCAD BIM supports purpose capture / mass modeling based on ACIS solids.

Conceptual models can be assigned automatically using BIMIFY. Another use of machine learning in BricsCAD BIM is PROPAGATE, a workflow that investigates connections between solids. PROPAGATE then finds and manifests similar situations in the model where the same link can be applied.

BricsCAD is a software application for computer-aided design (CAD), produced by Bricsys nv. The company was founded in 2002 by Erik de Keyser, a longtime CAD entrepreneur. In 2011 Bricsys obtained the intellectual property rights of Ledas for constraints-based parametric design tools, authorizing the development of applications in the areas of direct modeling and assembly design. The BricsCAD software is presently on version V20 available for the Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems, and has six editions.

BricsCAD Classic presents familiar 2D CAD drafting functionality, native DWG read/write, and combines a full LISP API for customization and automation of repetitive tasks. Meantime, BricsCAD Pro contains all the functionality of BricsCAD Classic. It combines 3D Direct Modeling, 2D and 3D hardware archives, high-definition rendering, and a render materials library, mechanical assembly observing and an AutoCAD ObjectARX-compatible development practice that supports hundreds of third-party application programs. Alongside, BricsCAD Platinum comprises the features and functions of BricsCAD Pro and involves 3D constraint system creation, surface entity production, and lofting, deformable modeling, automatic healing of imported compact geometry, automatic design intent recognition, and basic assembly production & editing.

BricsCAD Mechanical is a 3D mechanical design machine with assembly modeling functionality. It is based on a direct modeling program that is history-free. The product creates sheet metal features using lofted surfaces. This approach was chosen as a way to eliminate co-edge degradation as model features are designed, modified, and deleted.

BricsCAD Ultimate combines all the BricsCAD editions – Classic, Pro, Platinum, BIM, and Mechanical – into one package. It allows customers who wish to run BricsCAD BIM and BricsCAD Mechanical together on a single machine to do so, on a single install and a unique activation key. The free thirty-day trial of BricsCAD is delivered as BricsCAD Ultimate. Trial customers can use the RUNASLEVEL command to change the edition of BricsCAD during their trial period.

All BricsCAD editions use the Open Design Alliance Drawing API software development platform, giving BricsCAD read and write capability of the DWG file format, made famous by Autodesk’s AutoCAD. BricsCAD reads and writes .dwg files directly from AutoCAD. The software is capable of most contemporary AutoCAD release functions. BricsCAD is currently localized in 18 language versions.”