An Intelligent Construction Platform to Unify Operations

Gord Rawlins
Gord Rawlins, CEO


CMiC truly delivers on the vision of one vendor, a unified platform, a single database and a consistent user experience across every department.”

CMiC has a rich 30-year history of shaping the construction technology industry – and offers a robust suite of sophisticated products to prove it. In many construction companies, various departments operate as silos. Accounting works separately from estimating, project management works separately from budgeting, and resource management works separately from future planning. These silos become a major problem when a construction project begins to veer away from its plan. CMiC provides a solution to eliminate all siloes by storing and managing all project and company information in one place, and, to this day, continues to be the only complete enterprise software suite, purpose-built for construction. Unlike other software vendors who rely on ‘bolted-on’ integrations as band-aid solutions for operational silos, CMiC has anchored its product strategy on transforming how large and mid-sized construction firms optimize productivity, minimize risk and drive profitable growth—all on a single database platform.

Numerous small and mid-sized (SMB) general contractors—as well as many specialty construction firms—struggle to deploy the necessary processes and systems to collect, analyze and act on data to scale their businesses profitably. With CMiC, they can seamlessly connect a construction firm’s entire team, regardless of a team member’s role or department in the organization. Construction firms that deploy CMiC’s complete intelligent construction platform to run their entire business take advantage of a full array of unified capabilities, which are built on a single database. Unlike its competitors, CMiC truly delivers on the vision of one vendor, a unified platform, a single database and a consistent user experience across every department.

This, in turn, helps construction firms focus on what they do best—delivering projects on time, on budget and on spec—instead of wasting money and resources managing and maintaining a portfolio of disparate technologies.

But not every construction firm is ready to deploy the full platform at one time. As a result, CMiC offers the flexibility to deploy its ERP & Financials suite as a standalone solution, integrating with project management point solutions and enabling office staff to manage all financials, labor resources and capital assets in real-time. Alternatively, a construction firm can deploy CMiC FIELD as a standalone suite, integrating with standard accounting systems and empowering job site personnel with project management & collaboration, project controls and drawing management capabilities available on any computing platform, including mobile devices. FIELD blends project management and project controls to help contractors complete each project smoothly and accurately. It is underpinned by robust financial capabilities, so every activity in the FIELD is associated with a verified cost, not just an estimated cost. This helps contractors enhance resource planning because they can see the cost of each step in the construction process—including all change orders—with the click of a button from their laptop or mobile device. FIELD allows a company to seamlessly collaborate with all project stakeholders, control changes, manage the supply chain of subcontractors and material suppliers, simplify the bid process and manage documents. Importantly, FIELD delivers fast time-to-value as it can be deployed inside 30-45 days as part of a multi-tenant Cloud environment (SaaS).

For the past three decades, CMiC has served only one industry—construction. Under the leadership and guidance of Gord Rawlins, President & CEO, CMiC has benefited from his forward-thinking approach and relentless focus on how information technologies can transform the construction industry. Rawlins’ vision has emphasized innovation on two essential fronts: its product strategy and the way it manages its customer lifecycle. The needs of construction companies are unique, and for contractors and capital projects firms to grow profitably, they need to run their financials, assets, resources, content and projects very tightly. This understanding has led CMiC to develop – over the years – the most complete and robust software platform for construction. In addition, CMiC has built in-house teams that are fully accountable for the different stages of a customer’s lifecycle: discovery; solution showcasing; deployment planning and execution; ongoing support and customer success; product direction and future road-mapping. Together, product and customer management innovation have been instrumental in helping CMiC deliver on its dual goals of being recognized as a best-in-class ERP and FIELD platform and as the most respected software vendor in the construction industry.”