Revolutionizing The Construction Arena

Noam Reininger
Noam Reininger, Chief Product Officer & General Manager


From construction planning and building to facility operations, we empower our customers to overcome their challenges by delivering critical data, innovative technology and extraordinary services.”

When maintaining critical facilities and infrastructure today, organizations face decreasing capital and expense budgets while being required to sustain or increase current service levels. They are also overburdened by cost overruns due to inaccurate construction estimates or incomplete scopes of work, keeping up with technology advancements, increased security needs and risk mitigation. Gordian’s innovative solutions for every phase of the building lifecycle provide clients with an understanding of what and when work is needed, allowing them to properly plan and budget for projects. Nationwide, communities depend on Gordian’s accurate, reliable and time-sensitive solutions for facilities and infrastructure maintenance, renovation and construction.

In 1982, Gordian’s founder, Harry H. Mellon, was the Chief Engineer for NATO at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, responsible for maintaining many facilities. To get projects started quickly and keep them on schedule and on budget, Harry and his colleagues devised a process that used the same fair-bidding, proposal and awards standards, but only one time rather than for every job — that’s how Job Order Contracting (JOC) was created. Gordian was founded in 1990 to provide best-in-class JOC solutions and has made strategic investments into their solution portfolio, most notable additions include RSMeans data, a robust construction cost estimating database, and Sightlines Facilities Intelligence, strategic solutions to manage physical assets and maximize operating and capital budgets.

Leading the development of Gordian’s technology and data solutions is Noam Reininger, Chief Product Officer and General Manager of Federal Solutions. “From construction planning and building to facility operations, we empower our customers to overcome their challenges by delivering critical data, innovative technology and extraordinary services,” says Noam. “Our construction cost database contains over 92,000 unit line items, each researched and validated by a team of engineers and data scientists who invest more than 22,000 hours annually to ensure we deliver accurate, reliable data.”

Gordian provides solutions that bring transparency, precision and efficiency to every phase of the building lifecycle, from planning and design, through procurement, construction and operations. One of those solutions is Gordian’s Job Order Contracting, an alternative project delivery method. JOC empowers clients to complete a large number of projects with a single, competitively-awarded contract containing custom preset prices for construction Tasks, which adds up to faster delivery and greater cost control. Gordian offers a collaborative, online platform for conducting JOC programs called Gordian Cloud. The platform allows clients to track project milestones, instantly access detailed price proposals, generate configurable forms and report packages for increased program transparency and facilitate collaboration between owners and contractors through closed-loop communication.

From significant time and cost savings to supporting local and minority businesses, Gordian’s solutions provide customers with strategic and project-specific benefits. For example, Aiken Cost Consultants, located in the same city as Gordian’s headquarters, Greenville, SC, have used RSMeans data from Gordian for 30 years to help their clients operate within budget by controlling costs through comprehensive estimates. Aiken Cost Consultants prefer RSMeans Data Online, which allows them to serve clients across the United States with data localized to the desired market.

Gordian aims to streamline the management of all phases of the building lifecycle — including capital planning, construction cost estimation and procurement. “To do this, we will continue to evolve our focus on data, software and expertise,” adds Noam. “This includes building flexible technology solutions that enable productive workflows and empowering our customers with data insights that help manage their businesses more efficiently. We are also looking to bring innovative technology like artificial intelligence to the construction data arena, all with the goal of simplifying our clients’ daily work.”